Thunder Bay Figure Skating Club provides test days at the end of Fall School, during Winter Session and at the end of Spring School.  Skaters in both the STARSkate program and the Competitive program may test throughout the season to assist in assessing their skills, planning for progress and qualifying for events.  Dates are determined at the start of the season by the Board.

As a test day approaches, the Test Chair will advise all coaches who in turn will instruct their skaters.  Coaches will determine which of their skaters are ready to test.  Skaters submit test envelopes with payment for each test requested back to their coaches who will then hand in all test envelopes to the Test Chair.  In the two weeks prior to test day, absolutely no refunds will be given.  In case of injury and a skater is not physically able to test, a refund would be considered by the Board and a doctor’s note would be required.  Notices will be posted at the rink and on the website.  Once all skaters and their tests are determined, the Test Chair will coordinate a schedule which will be available to view on the website.  Schedules are also emailed to each skater by their coach.

The Test Chair arranges for a judge or judges, a dance partner and coordinates arrival times at the airport with ice schedules and practices.  Hospitality is provided for the officials and the volunteers.  The evaluators have been specially trained by Skate Canada to evaluate your child. They are volunteers and have dedicated countless hours to their training and to test days and competition events.

Test day is a formal process and specific etiquette is expected to be followed.  Skaters are required to arrive one hour and fifteen minutes prior to their scheduled test time in proper skating attire, hair neatly combed and tied back and tights should be free of rips and holes.

Family members and friends are welcome to attend and are expected to behave with decorum respecting the judges need to focus on the skaters and the skater’s need to focus on their task at hand.  Hushed voices are most welcomed and expected.

Once a skater has finished skating, the judge will provide them with a written assessment and a pass or fail grade.  Results are entered on summary sheets that are sent to Skate Canada so they may be registered with the national body. This takes a little time, so be prepared to wait a half hour or so after completion of a level of tests.  Any skater who is unsuccessful at a test may re-try the test at the next test day after improvements have been made.  Failure to show up at the rink for a scheduled test will be considered a failure. 

Parents are encouraged to keep record of tests.  Skate Canada will issue a card for successful tests completed and this card should be kept in a safe place along with the test sheet.

Please speak with your child beforehand to ensure that they view their skating test as a positive learning experience.  Do not put pressure on your child.  Simply remind them to always do their best and most of all……….have fun!