All TBFSC bingo volunteers are required to take the Bingo Training Course before working a bingo.  Dates and times of training and upcoming bingo dates will be posted on the Home page as they become available.

Volunteer Assignment Times

The volunteers are required to be at the site, signed in and ready to volunteer at the following times: 

Matinee Bingo:  12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Evening Bingo:  5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Twilite Bingo:  9:30 pm - 1:30 am


Dress Code Policy

The dress code requirements include conservative, black or navy pants or skirts. Professional capris are allowed in the summer months. Collared shirts or vests with charity identification (logos) are preferred and recommended. 

If charity identified shirts or vests are not available, white collared shirts may be worn.  All volunteers from the charity should be dressed in the same colour shirts to make them easily identified.  Denim jeans, track pants, stretch pants, shorts, tank tops and sleeveless t-shirts are not permitted. 

Hats are not permitted unless specifically related to the charity uniform (e.g. Shriner’s Fez). Baseball caps are not permitted.  Footwear should be tasteful and appropriate to the role of the volunteer.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Responsibilities during the first hour of arrival:

·        Make sure all charity hand held garbage containers are cleaned
·        Read bulletin board for updates
·        Make sure radios are charged
·        Assist kitchen staff with bringing out customer’s food orders during 
          the first hour of your shift. Please make sure you use hand sanitizer before 
          you bring out an order. (This has been approved by the Thunder Bay Health 
·        Wipe off all Gecko machines ( cloths and Windex provided in 
          volunteer room)

Items you are responsible for throughout your shift:

·        Register your attendance (Sign-in) for your assignment with the 
          Session Manager. Signing in for other volunteers is not permitted unless 
          specifically approved by the Charity Coordinator (e.g. accessibility)

·        Circulate the gaming floor to provide customer service and 
          assistance including welcoming guests as they arrive and thanking guests as 
          they depart on behalf of TBFSC

·        Assist players with information on programs, events, games, events, games, and 
          promotions as needed

·        Assist players as needed on the technology basics of the electronic 
          gaming in the centre

·        Volunteers will call back as many winning cards for verification as 
          they can. Staff will assist when needed.

·        Flag game winners for identification by staff to assist with 
          verification process

·        In the event a card cannot be verified, volunteers are required to 
          transfer the winning card to a staff member to assist

·        Assist with keeping the environment clean (e.g. picking up used 
          paper bingo product and empty cups, cleaning touch screens, etc.).

·        Garbage is to be emptied when they are half full into the 2 larger 
          bins. Those bags are then put on the tile floor by men’s washroom at the end 
          of the event.

·        Assist gaming centre staff with promotional events (e.g. hand out 

·        Redirect any negative customer service issues to a staff member for 

·        Be knowledgeable on where the charitable funds earned in the gaming 
          centre are used in the community and provide the information to customers if 

·        Participate and support all charity awareness activities and 
          initiatives as directed by the Charity Coordinator.

·        Participate and support all responsible gambling activities and 
          initiatives as directed by the Charity Coordinator

·        Report any observed customer accessibility issues to the Session 

While on assignment, volunteers MUST NOT:

·        Be under 18 years of age
·        Purchase gaming product or participate in any gaming  activity
·        Handle any gaming product (e.g. bingo cards) (except when doing a 
          call back) or gaming cash (e.g. prizes)
·        Play bingo cards or games for customers
·        Purchase any alcoholic beverages (where licensed)
·        Participate in an in-centre promotion or draw
·        Participate in assignments while under the influence of alcohol or 
          recreational drugs
·        Sit down unless in the volunteer room and only when two volunteers 
          are remaining on the floor.
·        Use personal electronics while one the floor volunteering (phone, 
          tablet, etc.) Save for a break in the volunteer room.
·        Eat on the selling floor. Volunteers get 25% off food, must be 
          consumed in the volunteer room while on a break or arrive early
·        Smoke (including electronic cigarettes)
·        Act in a way that is disruptive, disrespectful or detrimental to the 
          success of gaming centre and it’s member charitable organizations