Movement from CanSkate to STARSkate 

Skaters who have passed their CanSkate Level 3 badge or higher may move to STARSkate provided that they have a coach willing to take them. Skaters will need to wear their helmets until they have passed their CanSkate Level 5 badge as per the helmet use policy implemented by Skate Canada.

Session Makeup Policy

The session Makeup policy allows StarSkate skaters to make up sessions that are cancelled by the City due to the city's special events.  This does not allow skaters to make up sessions due to personal reasons.  All requests to skate on a different session must be submitted to and approved by the Membership Chair.

There will be no substitutions or makeup sessions for missed Canskate sessions.

  • A skater may request to skate on any session that they are qualified for providing there is space available.  If a skater requests to skate on a session which is not their level, a request may be made to the Membership Chair and a decision will be made based on space availability and safety.
  • All makeup sessions must be skated within 2 weeks of the cancellation date or skated before the cancellation date.
  • The club reserves the right to turn down a request for a makeup session where safety concerns and numbers are warranted.
  • There will be no substitutions or makeup sessions for missed Canskate sessions.

Loss of Ice Time                         

  1. If any skater loses ice due to inclement weather, power interruption or other unforeseen acts of nature, the club is unable to provide makeup sessions as we are limited to the number of hours of ice we are given weekly by the city. 
  1. Ice time that has been lost due to regularly scheduled hockey tournaments has been calculated into your membership.  For other unforeseen cancellations, the board will try to pick up extra sessions.  These may not be on regular skating days and may be added before Christmas or at the end of the skating season.  Dates are dependent on what ice times the city gives us.  We do not have exclusive rights to the ice at the Port Arthur Arena but rather we are dictated by the city who decides what times we are given. 

It is unsafe to have more that the allotted number of skaters on the ice at a given time.  These numbers vary according to level:

  • Star 3-4 (formerly Intermediate) 25 skaters
  • Star 1-2 (formerly Junior) 28 skaters
  • Star 5 (formerly Senior) 22 skaters 

The club needs to be fair to all skaters.  Those skaters who have signed up and paid for specific ice times which suit their own needs should not be forced to share that ice with a larger group of skaters because of ice cancellations.  This could end up with a session going from possibly fourteen skaters to twenty nine skaters on the ice, all trying to practice.  This goes against the policy of TBFSC for safety reasons.

The club does have a drop in fee to allow skaters extra practices if needed before tests and competitions, but skaters MUST first get permission to skate by contacting the membership chair to make arrangements.  The fees must be paid before the skater steps onto the ice.  Drop in sessions are on a first come, first served basis to the maximum number of skaters allowed on each session.  Any skater who chooses to show up without making the necessary arrangements will be asked to leave the ice immediately by a coach or board member.

Please see the drop in restrictions under Makeup Session Policy. 

Skater's Session Placement

TBFSC offers STARSkater skaters Junior, Intermediate and Senior skating sessions.  Each session has a required number of tests as outlined by the Board of Directors and the Coaches. To skate on any given level a skater must first be qualified by passing the required tests.

A skater may, if there is a conflict of schedule, skate 2 days at their qualified level and may request to skate a third day a level up or a level down.  The board would review the request and allow this request only if space is available and safety is not an issue.  A skater may only move up or down one level.  A skater and the coach may request placement of a skater at anytime.


Registration and Financial Policies

Skaters must be registered 48 hours before their first scheduled skating session. This is required for insurance purposes, as this is the time required for Skate Canada to process membership applications and renewals.

Makeup and Pickup StarSkate Sessions

There will be no substitutions or makeups allowed for missed sessions.  However, skaters may be allowed to skate a pickup session at the applicable daily fee, as determined by the membership chair.  Any pickup sessions must be approved in advance and will only be allowed if there is sufficient space available on the ice for the applicable session.


Skaters who withdraw from the program with formal written notice to the TBFSC Board of Directors are entitled to refunds as follows:
  • Written notice of withdrawal from the program must be received within 4 weeks after the start of classes. 
  • Withdrawal is due to medical reasons (injury or illness) confirmed by a certificate from the skater’s doctor. The medical certificate must be received within 2 weeks of the written request, and the skater must miss a minimum of six consecutive skating sessions. 
Refunds will not normally be provided for skaters who withdraw from the program without meeting the criteria listed above. However, the Board of Directors may consider exceptions on a case by case basis in circumstances such as the following:
  • Relocation of the skater’s family to another community. 
  • Compassionate reasons approved by the board. 
Funds for approved refunds will be prorated and mailed out. Please also note that ice show fees are non refundable after January 15.
The Skate Canada Fee of $35.00 is non-refundable and all refunds will be charged a $25.00 administration fee.

Outstanding Accounts and NSF Cheques

Skaters with outstanding accounts will not be allowed on the ice.
A $40.00 service charge is applied to all NSF cheques. Cash or money order will be the only method of payment for individuals who have issued NSF cheques. Once the treasurer has received this payment, the skater may resume skating privileges.
The TBFSC board of directors also requires any member with one returned NSF cheque to pay all outstanding fees, including but not limited to coaching fees, test fees, competition fees, ice show fees and registration fees (past and future to session end) by way of cash, certified bank cheque or money order only. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

Exports Restrictions 

We do not export any goods or services. 

Delivery of Goods and Services 

All programs will take place at the location indicated in the program registration. Occasionally, we may offer products for purchase, such as club wear, at the club. Purchasers will be contacted via email when the order is ready for pick up at the Port Arthur Arena.