Mini Comp Champions 2012

The Champions - Team 2

Nicole Lee, Alana McCooeye, Amanda Manella, Taylor O'Brien, Brooke Arenburg, Ayden Britton, Katelyn Spithoff, Kayla Viliharju, Sarah Rowan, Jenna-Lysse Graham, Caitlin Cameron, Avery Caccamo, Georgia Ruberto

Congratulations to the captains of our winning team!


The Captains - Nicole Lee and Alana McCooeye

Nicole and Alana put together an amazing skating routine with their own cut music and with the help of their team, managed to convince our judges they deserved first place! 


Second Place - Team 1

Jacklyn Spithoff, Meagan Bungay, Kendra Knott, Jacqueline Tabachak, Isabella Decicco, Emma Milani, Ashante Bon, Zachary Arenburg, Matt Rowan, Jamie Puhalski, Sienna Munro

Great Job Captains


The Captains - Jacklyn Spithoff and Meagan Bungay

Jacklyn and Meagan worked very hard with their team and put on a wonderful, upbeat routine with their own funky Christmas tunes!  The two girls made sure everyone had a fun time!


Thank you parents and siblings for judging our teams!

TBFSC Mini Comp TBFSC Mini Comp

TBFSC Mini comp  TBFSC Mini comp

Great job everyone!  Until next year.....


Many thanks to Cindy, Barb and Cathie for all of their hard work organizing Christmas Mini Comp 2012!

TBFSC Mini comp  TBFSC Mini comp  TBFSC Mini Comp