Ice Show Chair

Lori Knott

Ice show is the highlight of the skating season for our skaters. These children and young adults have worked hard all year to improve their skills and ice show gives them the opportunity to showcase some of these skills in a fun, upbeat environment. For 3 weeks following the regular skating season they work on their routines until the big weekend when they finally get to wear their costumes to perform for an audience….how exciting!!

Tyra Hoard & Jarret Melanson TBFSC

Ice show "Stars on Ice" is an optional participatory function and has a separate fee and schedule associated with it. It is however, one of the events most anticipated by our skaters. Unlike competitions, this is just for fun for all skaters, from the tiniest to the most advanced. Our skaters do not always have the opportunity to experience camaraderie on the ice due to the "singleness" of the sport. The young skaters also love the experience of skating and being around the senior skaters who also enjoy this opportunity to interact with these up and coming skaters.


Yes, I mentioned that this is a fun event, but that does mean it is an easy endeavour to accomplish!! We have volunteers and coaches who work tirelessly on the successful outcome of Ice Show every year. The concepts for upcoming ice shows have probably already been drawn out on paper somewhere, this summer, in preparation for next April’s event. The process involves hours of research and costume planning, as well as music choices all trying to spotlight our skaters in a theatrical manner to make the show appealing to our audience.

Our volunteers then take these concepts and "make it happen"! This is why we are constantly looking for volunteers. If you, or any one in your family is interested in donating a few hours of your time to help in the success of our show, please let me know. Volunteering for your children’s activities is a wonderful way to meet the other families with similar interests and get to know some of people involved. Some of my best friends have been made through volunteering!


Due to the amount of planning required, we need to know the number of skaters involved very early in the season. This is very important in determining the size of groups, types of costuming required and how many hundreds of meters of fabric and notions will need to be ordered! This is why we ask for your commitment in October and November. Once January rolls around, lines have been established, fabric has been ordered and should any one change their mind, unfortunately it is too late. It is very heartbreaking to see a parent’s dismay and disappointment once they realize the deadline has passed and it is just not possible for their child to participate.

Ice Show is our year end celebration. This is what we do for our skaters and their families. Please consider enrolling your skater in this activity at registration time to help promote the fun, beauty and grace this sport has to offer and to avoid disappointment!

Have a great skating season and I will see you at Ice Show!

Lori Knott