The Company

It is strange to think in a modern busy world how all family members’ talents collide and enrich the production of the annual ice show spectacular. At Thunder Bay Figure Skating Club, this event reveals fathers, brothers, grandfathers and uncles who assist behind the scenes with tech, building sets, operating spot lights and overall show operation. Whether it’s a grandmother making a costume, a mother selling tickets or co-coordinating a photo shoot or a sibling helping with young skaters backstage, all family members are welcome to get involved with the show. The creative process captures everyone’s imagination and results in a wonderful experience as the grand finale of the skating season with the end result being the club’s showcase event - STARS ON ICE!


The Artistic Directors

Barbara Hutcheon

Barbara Hutcheon has been involved in ice shows for many years as a skater, director and producer! A former national figure skater, Barbara is also inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame for her abilities as both skater and coach. She has created and directed shows that combine athleticism, innovative skating, rich costuming and is known for her remarkable talents in music selection and theme. She was recently honored by the Thunder Bay Figure Skating Club for her dedication and excellence in the sport and an annual award has been established in her name. The Barbara Hutcheon trophy is awarded every season to the most dedicated skater. Barbara continues to direct, choreograph, organize and design themes, costumes and music for our annual Stars on Ice production as the show’s Director.

Valerie Bauer

 Valerie has produced and created shows locally and in Syndey, Australia. She has worked provincially and internationally as a choreographer and show designer. In addition, Valerie teaches theatre and as a professional drama teacher, she stages several full length plays each year with people of all ages. She enjoys creating stories that take young skaters on magical explorations on ice, with a touch of humour!




The Team

All of the theme and design concepts merge seamlessly into the STARS ON ICE annual event when the Ice show committee, the line conveners and the team of club coaches as well as our dedicated skating family volunteers work together on the production. The talented club coaches work with the skaters for three weeks on ice helping to bring the director’s vision to life as they work through each line, choreographing the skating to the music selection. The skaters in turn, work very hard following the lead of our skillful coaching staff that add movement, grace and energy to their lines and most importantly, still manage to keep rehearsals fun and exciting! This diverse team of parents, ice show committee and coaches proudly combine their collaborative techniques on and off ice with their trademark innovative style!


The Vision

Our annual Stars on Ice has transformed over the last few years from the traditional ice show format of showcasing the talents and skills of skaters of equal caliber in traditional skating lines to joining skaters of all ages and skating abilities into the skating extravaganza of Theatre on Ice! Our Team has successfully brought to life scenes from the Snow Queen, Alice Beyond the Looking Glass and Batman just to name a few.

The costumes designed by our artistic directors have always been exciting, creative and fun. With the change to Theatre on Ice, the costumes designs have risen to meet that standard creating a challenge for our seamstresses and at times, rentals from professionals have been required. This concept requires more individual costumes as opposed to the traditional full skating line needs. Our backdrop and props have also evolved to meet the demands of Theatre on Ice. All of these changes have created an Ice Show Spectacular that the Thunder Bay Figure Skating Club is very proud of!


The Creative Process

Just as soon as one ice show is done, the artistic directors’ thoughts are already mulling over themes and ideas for the next season’s show. Throughout the year, Barbara and Valerie’s creative minds are hard at work and all thoughts and ideas are documented in their own unique fashion that we have all become accustomed with over the years. Clippings, hand drawn images and scribbled down ideas all are documented on pieces of paper and handed out to our creative team of line conveners and prop, backdrop, program and poster designers who in turn, get to work bringing these renderings to life.


And so the creative process continues until the new theme, for the new season is unveiled. Until then……..