This year, TBFSC has taken a new approach to fundraising.  We have joined forces with the Heart and Stroke as Community Partners.  As a club, we are endorsing a healthy lifestyle and we are choosing healthier options for fundraising. 

We are offering Mini Peel Cards and Thunder Book coupon books for fundraising. Both items offer discounts at local restaurants, sporting related coupons, hardware stores, movie rentals, birthday party coupons and many more exciting offers.   These two items offer our members the opportunity to support local businesses as well.  Places such as the Java Hut who in the past has very generously donated homemade soups, sandwiches, salads and more to our hungry volunteers at our skating competitions.

Each family will be required to purchase four items of your choice at a cost of $40.00.  You may purchase four Mini Peel Cards or four Thunder Books or two of each.  Additional cards and books will be available for those wishing to purchase more.  You may then keep these items for personal use, sell them to neighbors and friends or use them as gifts.  The Thunder Book has a coupon for the Purple Camel making it a nice gift for teachers!