Competitive Funding Criteria

General Rules 

  1. Funding will be available to full time skaters in good standing with TBFSC and have worked their required number of volunteer hours set by the Board of Directors.
  2. Funding covers Starskate and Competitive skaters.
  3. Receipts must be submitted.
  4. Financial aid is conditional on availability of funds from bingos.
  5. Competitors may apply only for qualifying events in either of the Qualifying Event Streams.
  6. Requests must be written and submitted to the Board of Directors.


STARSkate Qualifying Events

Festival of Stars – Over 300 miles from Thunder Bay $200.00
Ontario Starskate $500.00
Maximum Payout  $700.00

Competitive Qualifying Events

Sectionals – 300 miles from Thunder Bay $200.00
Sectionals in Thunder Bay – registration fee up to $200.00
Challenge / Ontario Cup / Winter Games $500.00
Maximum Payout    $700.00
Canadian Championships $1000.00
Not to exceed     $1000.00