Club Info


The Port Arthur arena is home to the Thunder Bay Figure Skating Club.  The ice surface is 85’ x 185’ or 15,725 sq ft. and the rink has a seating capacity of slightly less than 1000.   Port Arthur Arena is owned by the City of Thunder Bay and any concerns related to the arena and its facilities should be addressed to the city.


Our coaches have access to a jump harness to assist skaters learning jump techniques.

Dressing Room

The dressing room is located at the North end of the arena. It is the responsibility of the skaters to keep the room clean.  Anything left on the floor will be thrown out when the dressing room is being cleaned.  Please be considerate and dispose of garbage and any unwanted items.  Also consider the sensitivities of others before applying perfume, body lotion, hairspray or any other scents others may find offensive or painful.

Club Lockers

Only club issued locks are allowed on the club lockers located in the dressing room. All other locks will be cut off if not removed.  Please contact Music and House Chair to rent your locks.  Cost of rental is $10.00 for the duration of the skating season.

Bulletin Board

Please check the bulletin board located in the front foyer of the rink for information on programs, schedule changes, special events, deadlines or ice cancellations.  It is the responsibility of all parents and skaters to read any posted information or handouts, such as newsletters.  Please check the bulletin board on a regular basis.