CanSkate and STARDevelopment 

CanSkate is a learn to skate program developed by Skate Canada for skaters of all ages.  Skaters will learn fundamental skating skills including forward and backward skating, stopping and turning.  The focus is on fun, participation as well as basic skill development.  TBFSC Canskate Ashley bosnickCanSkate provides a good foundation for all skating sports including figure skating, hockey, ringette, speed skating as well as recreational skating.

Lessons are led by our professional coaches and are assisted by trained Program Assistants.  The program consists of 6 levels .  Skaters earn badges as they progress through levels designed to develop confidence and ability.  Our CanSkate program uses fun and upbeat music, games, props and special events which promotes learning and also ensures each skater thoroughly enjoys their skating experience.


Pre-Canskate is a program designed by Skate Canada for participants who have never skated before or are not confident with their balance on the ice.  These skaters will work on the essentials needed to move safely and effectively on the ice so they can rotate to the different learning stations.  There are eight basic skills designed to ready them for Stage 1.

Special Days

Special Events are planned throughout the skating season (i.e. Halloween, Christmas, dress-up days) please check the calendar to ensure your child does not miss out on the fun.

Session Layout

Every session begins with a warm-up & stroking followed by lessons, games & creativity and ending with free time.

Please check the bulletin board every time you come into the arena for changes in schedule, special events etc, & pictures of skaters & recognition awards.   The CanSkate co-coordinators are available during every session for any questions you may have, comments or suggestions. 

TBFSC and Skate Canada Pilot Project

Skate Canada is always working hard to ensure that their skating programs are set up in the best way possible to benefit the skaters.  With feedback from coaches and with input from sport science experts who have been working on a Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) model for Skate Canada, they have devised a pilot curriculum for the CanSkate program.  This program is also based on feedback from a concept test conducted from January to April 2010.   TBFSC is one of 41 skating clubs proudly selected to operate this pilot program and we have been operating under the new curriculum since the 2010 - 2011 skating season. 

Canskate Program Structure

The CanSkate program focuses on the development of three fundamental areas organized in six stages of learning. The skills are arranged in progressions, from very simple to the more complex. Each stage has a primary focus. Once the skills on each stage are mastered, a badge is awarded. 

The names of the FUNDAMENTAL AREA ribbons are:




For a full description of each level, please see the chart below. 

Any CanSkate skater who has passed their CanSkate Level 3 badge has the option to move to the STARDevelopment program or STARSkate program.  Parents need to discuss the move with any one of our coaches or the CanSkate Coordinator.  The skater will need to continue wearing their helmet until they have passed their Stage 5 test as per Skate Canada Helmet Policy.

TBFSC Canskate

All skaters registered in CanSkate must wear a helmet at all times while on the ice.  Please see the Helmet Use Policy as outlined by Skate Canada. 



An advanced CanSkate program for those who are interested in the sport of figure skating. STARDevelopment is the bridge into the Skate Canada STAR 1-5 Program of Figure Skating tests and competitive events. SKaters may be contacted individually to consider this program. If you are interested in registering for STARDevelopment, contact TBFSC to determine that this is the program for you.