Provincial Medalists

Congratulations to TBFSC skaters Taylor O'Brien and Kendra Knott who both brought home silver medals after competing at the Skate Ontario Provincial Championships in Brampton, Ontario.
(L)Taylor O'Brien-2nd Junior Silver Ladies
Kendra Knott-2nd Bronze Triathalon Ladies
Congrats to skaters:
Amy Brough - 10th prejuvenile ladies,
Tyra hoard - 15th gold ladies free and 10th gold ladies triathalon,
Kendra knott - 5th senior bronze ladies. 

Skate Ontario Provincial Championships

Contratulations to Kendra Knott, Taylor OBrien,Tyra Hoard and Amy Lee Brough who recently competed at the Northern Ontario Festival of Stars in Sault Ste Marie. They qualified to compete in the Skate Ontario Provincial Championships in Brampton March 13-15. 

 Good Luck Skaters!!

Josée Chouinard Skating Seminar


Festival of Stars

Sault Ste Marie, February 6-8


L-R  Amy Brough, Brooke Arenburg, Taylor OBrien, Nicole Lee, Tyra Hoard, Jacklyn Spithoff, Emma Peters, Kendra Knott. (Missing- Jay Chen)

Good luck to these skaters attending this Northern Ontario provincial qualifying competition.

2015 Northland Competition

Duluth, Minnesota

January 29 - February 1


                                    L-R. Madison Ceci, Jacqueline Tabachak, Caitlyn Cameron

                  L-R Katrina Schmidt,Grace Jewett,Ashante Bon, Emma Schubert, Alicia Biniaris

                                            L- R Meagan Bungay, Danielle Sargent

Good Luck Skaters!

Thunder Country Competition  

Marathon, January 23-25

Back- (l-r). Kendra Knott, Emma Peters, Katelyn Spithoff, Jacklyn Spithoff, Nicole Lee, Taylor O'Brien
Front(l-r) Mary Furlong-Kelly, Jamie Puhalski, Charlie Furlong-Kelly

L-r. Gabriella Lee, Summer Bagely

Good Luck Skaters!

Jarret Melanson has qualified for the 2015 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships!

Congratulations Jarret!

Jarret Melanson has qualified for the 2015 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships, January 19-25 in Kingston Ontario.  Jarret qualified by placing 16th in the Junior Men's event at the Challenge in Montreal earlier in December.  

Our own Jarret Melanson is now ranked 16th in Canada!  



Thunder Bay Figure Skating Club

Learn to skate/ Canskate program

 Monthly newsletter
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Fun activities
Nationally certified coaches

Learn to skate programs start the  week of January 4 2015.

The program runs for 10 weeks.

Skating is offered Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Pre-CanSkate         6:10-6:40 and (5:10-5:40 Sunday only)

CanSkate 1-3         6:00-6:45

CanSkate 4-6         Sunday 5:00-6:00

                                 Tuesday 6:00-6:45   

Pre-Power               Sunday 5:00-5:45


Prices can be found on our canskate registration forms

Saturday Morning Simulations


TBFSC is once again offering Saturday morning simulations to all interested skaters!

Simulations give skaters (10 years of age and over) the opportunity to run through their programs alone on the ice, in an effort to simulate the competition and test experience to help prepare them for competitions and test days. Skaters may wear their competition outfits if they choose. This program is extremely beneficial to all ages and skating levels. 

Each skater will participate in a 5-6 minute warm up and then run through their program. Once simulations are complete, there will be a general skating session.

Simulations are then followed by dryland training next door at the Canada Games Complex.  A trainer with dance background will take skaters through a program which will develop their physical ability for figure skating as well as other sports! Strength training, core strength, plyometrics and flexibility will all be covered.

Please note: Simulations and Dryland Trainings are 2 separate programs with separate costs. Skaters may choose to do one or both.

For more information on either program, please contact Barb O'Brien at davebarb(at)tbaytel(dot)net . Space is limited so register your skater early!  Please see side bar for dates.

TBFSC is proud to offer a full figure skating program! 

Canskate Parents

Get the inside edge by checking out our site for any information you may need.  A monthly CanSkate newsletter and calendar are always available on the left side of our Home Page. We are very excited to offer online registration to our members.  Register your skaters from the comforts of your home! 

TBFSC has been participating in a Skate Canada Canskate pilot program for the last two years. The program has been deemed successful and just this year, Skate Canada has introduced this CanSkate program to the rest of the skating clubs in Canada. We welcome all CanSkate participants back to our third year in this program.  We were very excited to be invited to be a part of this pilot program and we are looking forward to continuing on with our fun and upbeat CanSkate sessions!  Register your child today! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Thunder Bay Figure skating Club

If you have any further questions feel free to contact any of our board members. We wish all of our skaters a fun and successful skating season!  

All CanSkate skaters must wear a proper helmet.